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Privacy Policy

At D2Soft Technologies Inc. (D2Soft), we commit ourselves respecting the private life of the users in our products. To this end, we laid down strict safety requirements on any information which is transmitted to us. No information will be transmitted or sold to a third person or company without your preliminary assent.

Data Linked to Facebook

By using the site, the user accepts to link his/her Facebook account to our service. We only keep relevant Facebook account information. We access Facebook information that the user has accepted to share.


By logging in to the site using a Facebook account, the user accepts that all videos created or accessed can be made publicly available to other Facebook users. The site integrates Facebook functionalities like the Facebook Like button that adds information to the user's public profile. D2Soft reserves the right to send communication e-mails regarding its service.


By default, we always hide the user’s identity from other members. When the user posts a video profile, no personal information is displayed to members. A user’s personal information is revealed only when he/she contacts another user.

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